Saturday, September 25, 2010

The Challenge Continues....

 I now proceeded to piece my tablerunner...first though I needed to sign my artwork!

 Here is the pattern I used for the runner, modified a little to suit my perameters, since this runner is 18X50 and that is too long.  But I knew the design would work well with the idea I had....

 I cut out the strips I needed in various colors.  The Challenge is actually called the Color Box Challenge, and all these great colors from the inspiration fabric work well as strips!

 Once the runner is all sewn together, I sandwiched it with batting and a backing of the turquoise fabric.

 This is a closeup view of the runner top...there are red triangles on each end, also that you can't see.  Just a corner of one is visible in the picture above....

 Then I start shadow quilting the bird.  This is a view from the back.  I am using black thread, and it shows up great against the turquoise.  More to come.....

Thursday, September 23, 2010


At Quilt Bee a couple of months ago we were all given a half a yard of this crazy, bright fabric and were challenged to make something no bigger than 18X30 using at least one piece of recognizable challenge fabric, and any other fabric we desire.

The gorgeous bright colors gave me the idea to make a table runner for my sister-in-law, who is a parrot and macaw lover, so I decided to place an appliqued parrot right in the center of the table runner on a black background, and then use fabrics of matching colors to make the rest of the runner.  I found a photograph online that I copied, to use as a pattern for the bird.  But, appliqueing something this complex on the machine was turning into a REAL challenge!

So, on to Plan B!  Back in the early summer I had purchased some fabric inks online.  I decided to cut the parrot out of white fabric and use Seam-a-Steam to attach it to my black center square.  Then, since I have always loved to paint, using the fabric inks on the bird was a breeze!!!  A LOT easier than trying to sew down all those individual sections of bird!  You use clear Aloe Vera gel as the fixer for the ink, and after you apply ink to each section, you heat set it with an iron.

This is my black square with the parrot cut out and attached in the center on-point.  I used red ink to color these areas of the bird and heat set them.  Then I went onto another area, heat set again.  At the end, details were added with a black ink marker with a fine point and used it as well for shading areas.... and again heat set.
This is the parrot when I finished!  I will now hand-applique the bird around the outside edges using an embroidery stitch. There will be updates on this project as it takes shape!  I also plan to make my sister and brother-in-law two placemats to match though they are not part of the challenge.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Been Away a While....

My Dad was very ill.  We almost lost him, but thankfully we did not.....  Then I was completely wrapped up in a 125th Anniversary Celebration of the Train Station where I work, and didn't have even a moment of my own!  Check it out at my blog A Colorful World! Mom & I missed Quilt Bee when Dad was sick, and really neither of us were in the mood to sew for a while after that.  Plus, then I was just so exhausted because of the Event! :-)  But, I am back in the swing of things now!

We had Quilt Bee yesterday and it was so much fun!  Two of the ladies did a demo on hand quilting, which I badly needed!  I have hand quilted in the past, but use a laborious in-and-out method.  I think I can handle trying the rocking method now, and want to.  Plus, I am so INSPIRED by all the talent in that room every time we go!  Have a lot to work on, and want to GET BUSY!!!!!