Thursday, March 7, 2013

Still Working on Two Projects

I am now quilting the quilt top I finished early last year.  I will of course show you the whole thing once it's done.  I am machine quilting it with light blue thread (the red threads you see are my basting stitches).  It's a compilation of different squares (I started some of them when we lived in Texas, and did some while living in NC and attending the Va Quilt Bee, then I did a few more squares plus the center panel and all the applique and embroidery work here in Tucson).

I am also working on cutting out the pineapple quilt strips as well.  Had a hold up on that for a while because I ran out of a certain piece of green fabric with pink roses.  I am now doing the last section of colors (the pinks, purples and lavenders) and then I will be finished cutting out all the strips.

This is the pineapple quilt I will be making, except I have changed the colors from the reds and greens to  pinks, purples and tans. I also have a quilt partially pieced of Sawtooth stars for my daughter that I have to get back to.  And of course, I am embroidering that red, yellow and blue panel of flowers for a future quilt as well! :-)  Too many quilts to make, too little time!