Monday, December 28, 2009

First Quilt for CPC

I finally got the first one completed...I didn't like the way it looked without a border and had to go in (after the quilting was already done!) and add a border, and though it was a little "tricky" it worked fine, and I like the way it looks a lot better now!

These were 2 1/4" squares and I just loved the way the blues and yellows worked! I hand-pieced the entire quilt except for the border, and I machine quilted it, just because I am a slow hand-quilter. I'm excited that this will go to a little one whose Mommy was at first worried about keeping him or her. I send blessings with this baby quilt! I love being a part of this wonderful ministry!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Rose and Grey Baby Quilt

It took me a while to finish this one but it is now an officially completed UFO! (unfinished object) I was given some of the fabrics and I loved the colors! I designed this quilt myself. Click on the pictures to see a close-up view.

I hand quilted around the birds and then machine quilted the cross-hatching on the little squares, and the "ribbon" designs in the borders.

Quilt Bee Today!

No, I'm not singing opera, but it sure looks like it! :-) I was the one person who was brave enough to raise my hand and say I would share something about Log Cabin quilts! Not because I KNOW anything! No, just because I like them (especially the really unusual ones) and didn't mind sharing whatever I could come up with!

Mom and I had seen Mary Ellen Hopkins on Simply Quilts and she had some awesome ideas about thinking "outside the box," and I thought maybe I could share some of that. Well, I had in mind I would make enough squares that I could demonstrate them in a dozen different configurations, but hey I did good to have as much made as I did. Last week was our regular day, and we were "nor'eastered" out so the Bee Friends met a whole week late, and I still didn't make anywhere near what I had hoped to! Still, they all seemed to understand, and well, it was fun to share.

Thankfully our fearless leader Pat had some great books and other resources to share, and some great information she worked on as well, plus we had lots of show-and-tell items so the day was a huge success!

Monday, November 16, 2009

A baby quilt completed last summer for my niece's baby!

For you quilters out there--this is the THIRD quilt I ever finished. (I have about six more in various stages of done-ness! :-))It is only the second one I ever machine quilted (my first attempt at machine quilting was pathetic!) and I was really proud of the machine quilting on this! My first hand-quilted and complete quilt was made for our grandson and can be seen by clicking here. I am a VERY SLOW hand-quilter, so I will be machine quilting most of the quilts I make from now on, but I am really proud of the hand-quilting I did on our grandson's quilt. So, now I have two--one hand-quilted, and one machine quilted--of which I am VERY proud!

Ocean Quilt

When Grandson C was VERY small, he exhibited a real interest in fabric when I would take him shopping with me. He particularly loved the bolts of brightly colored character fabrics. I began to collect yards with his favorites....trains, pigs, cartoon characters, airplanes, and later lizards, ocean animals and dinosaurs. In the beginning I made him several sets of pajamas out of the cute pieces he loved, but many of the pieces I had purchased were saved for later use in making quilts. In fact, he called the yards of fabric "my quilts" and he loved to play with them.

Finally I endeavored to make him an ocean quilt. I designed the entire quilt, and it finished up as between single bed size and double bed size when I was finally done. I chose to make "waves" of the different bright ocean fabrics, and placed a strip of "sand" at either end. Then I hand appliqued various figures on the front. The back was mostly a dark blue so I decided to quilt ocean fish and mammal designs when I started the quilting phase. This can be best seen on the back or dark blue side.

Here is a snorkeler that I appliqued onto the quilt.

Here is a shark applique.

This shows the crab applique, and also the footprints I quilted onto the sand. I had the footprints "walk" across the sand, and here stop to show that the boy is looking at the crab he has found. The footprints are actual outlines of my grandson's footprints.

Here is a sand pail, and some of the other footprints.

The next two pictures show some of the quilting designs I did. I would draw a picture on a piece of paper, and pin the paper to the fabric, then quilt by hand using an "in-and-out" method. Once finished I ripped the paper away. Most people use a rocking motion with their hand quilting, and could not use this paper method with the rocking motion, but because I do the in-and-out, I could. However, it is a very SLOW method of quilting, and the quilt took a long time to complete because of that. I did figures of shells, various fish and whales and dolphins and electric eel, a treasure chest and shipwrecked boat, just to name some of the "pictures" you can find in the quilting. Below is a fish, and an octopus with a mean face.

When his birthday came up last year I sent the quilt to him in Arizona. He had known I was working on it for a long time. The quilt isn't the most finely crafted one that was ever created, but it was made with a LOT of love, and he has been enjoying it all this past year--and I hope will enjoy it for a LONG LONG time!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Quilting Joys!

This is me working on my first full-sized quilt project, made from feedsack fabric that had belonged to my grandmother. The quilting frame was a gift from my Mom. She and I share a love for quilting. I alas, with so much moving around, have been unable to finish quilting the piece (it's King sized) because of the need to use the frame. I prefer using a frame because I use a pull-through method instead of the more common rocking motion, and I couldn't handle the large quilt in my lap. When it is DONE I will post a picture of the finished project!

I have made many smaller projects over the years--placemats, table runners, etc. and always enjoy the process! When we lived in Texas I belonged to a Quilt Guild and made my "block of the month" each time...usually I made three of the same block in different fabrics. Here are two I made of one square:

We also did Community projects, and it was there that I made this quilt for the Child Advocacy program. I thoroughly enjoyed the challenge of the piecing process! I am such a slow hand quilter, I had to machine quilt this even though I'd never machine quilted anything before. It made me happy that this quilt went to such a worthy cause.

Since I moved, I now attend a Quilt Bee that I really enjoy and we do the same thing. Here are a group of the ladies (and me--note I now have silver hair!) My Mom and I usually meet there, as it is about thirty minutes from her location, and forty from mine, and after the Bee we have lunch. It's been wonderful to get to share in this special time with her! And the ladies at the Bee are such fun. It's always a really enjoyable day!

The cycle continues with my daughter, shown here with her very first piecing effort--the start of a beautiful quilt square! We believe she is probably the fifth or sixth generation of quilters in our family! It's exciting!