Thursday, April 14, 2016

April Quilt Guild & Two of Mine

This month's guest speaker at Quilt Guild was Bonnie Lyn McCaffrey.  Wonderful source of inspiration and info!  Loved her presentation!  Unfortunately we sat too far back to get good shots of her quilts as they were held up (none were hanging) so I got "partial" photos of them laying on a table surrounded by dozens of members at the end.  So...I will also include a few full-quilt shots taken from her website so you can see the entire quilt.

In Full Bloom

The Christmas kaleidoscope at the top of these three was gorgeous.  That is my photo...these second two are from the website.

Her florals were gorgeous!

This last shot is from the website.  If you look closely to my pictures you can see the glittery effect of her use of tinsels and metallic threads.
This was one of my favorites!  It had a very metallic sheen!  Gorgeous colors!

And here is our speaker...Bonnie Lyn herself, after the meeting:

Her techniques were really fascinating.  To learn more about her (including her face painting techniques) check out her website HERE.

And to bring us all back to the ordinary....:-)  Here are my two latest finishes.  A lap robe for the nursing home, and a baby quilt, made partially with gingham squares given to me by my Aunt when she stopped quilting.  I used trapunto on the hearts for the first time in this quilt also....