Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Another Quilt Show

Took a break from packing to spend a morning with a dear friend at a quilt show.  We had a lovely time, then ate at Applebees after!

This gorgeous wall hanging wasn't displayed in the best way, just draped over the partition, but I absolutely loved it.  There were shiny quilting threads in places.

Here is a closeup, showing the gorgeous quilting!

I love chickens so this one was one of my favorites!

Paulette examining a beautiful little girl's quilt.
This kit was sold out...I can see why!  beautiful!

We loved this sweet "garden" quilt, which was appliques, embroidered and colored (perhaps with pencils or crayons).  Amid the garden plants were Bible verses.  It was just charming!

A closeup showing one of the Bible verses.

We were blown away by this one, also a kit.  Just gorgeous!

The same company made this kit as well.  Just stunning!

Loved this!  So festive for Autumn and Thanksgiving!

This is a stunning raffle quilt!  Going to be given away at the Sierra Vista show in March.  I had to buy six tickets for $5.  Would LOVE to win it!

Paulette and I stand in front of a quilt and have someone take our picture.  Going to miss my good buddy! :-(

Saturday, October 15, 2016

My Last Quilt Guild

I was able to join my dear friend Paulette and go to Quilt Guild one last time.  It was a wonderful program, with Terri Linn Kygar!  Her technique of coloring applique with heated crayons was fascinating and her work beautiful!  Paulette bought her book, and I plan to get it later.  I love the combination of art techniques and quilting because they are both great loves of mine, so this was right up my alley.  A nice send-off from Tucson's amazing Quilt Guild as I soon approach the wonders of quilting (and photography and art) that Oregon has to offer.  In fact, Terri Linn is from a town near The Dallas, OR and has taught classes in Sisters, which is an hour from our new house!  Perhaps I can catch one of her classes!


Many of my shots didn't come out because of low light and the distance from the stage but I managed to capture a few.  The technique can be hand-washed  so the quilts done with the crayons aren't for heavy use and machine washing. 

I envisioned this poinsettia in the traditional reds for a Christmas wall-hanging or table runner.  I do like the blue, though.

A page from her book.  When I saw this, I immediately thought of my Mom's kitchen in her old house!  This would have looked amazing hanging there!
A show-and-tell piece I particularly liked! 
This quilt is being raffled to help a Women's Shelter, and I bought tickets.  Absolutely LOVE it.  So Southwestern though...should be moving away from that, but I will always enjoy it no matter where we go....

This is the Tucson Quilt Guild raffle quilt for 2018...they are designed and made up as you can see well in advance.  I already have tickets to hopefully win the 2017 quilt when the show happens in February...that one is pretty Southwestern in style.  There seems to be a theme here. :-)  But then it breaks away....

2018 is Tucson Quilt Guild's Ruby Jubilee, thus the choice of the red compass roses!

I will miss the Tucson Quilt Guild and my monthly "friend" time with Paulette (and sometimes GayNell).  I have made copious notes of every meeting I have attended, and have learned a lot!  Can't wait to see what lies ahead in Oregon....

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Last Quilt Guild Meeting and New Etsy Item

We had a great Quilt Guild Meeting earlier this month, as usual.  Our speaker was Gail Garber, a wonderful quilter, and one of the founders of Hawks Aloft, a raptor conservation group in New Mexico.  She gave a great presentation, but most of what she showed us was on overhead projector, so I don't have a lot of photos.

Took this shot of the group (albeit the backs of half our heads, about half were behind us) mostly for a memory since I am leaving in a few months,.

This was a quilt made by a group of her students, as a raffle to benefit Hawks Aloft.  I bought five raffle tickets for the December drawing...wish me luck!
Most of the quilts Gail makes are either geometrics or freeform with lots of flying geese like the one shown on the left.  She also, however, has some more realistic themes like the Navajo maiden on the right.

A week or so after the Guild Meeting I had to go into Cactus Quilts to get some template plastic, and saw this lovely quilt, so decided I would share it as well.

The template plastic is for my sunflower-bee ornaments, but I have also added a new item to the Etsy shop (to check out my shop, click on the LINK), a sunflower-bee potholder.

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Baltimore Album Quilt Revolution

Our American Revolution, that is...At our last Quilt Guild meeting, Rita Verroca presented a number of Baltimore Album squares made by she and her students for a future quilt to be featured in a publication (unfortunately I did not write down the name of the book or author!) All of these wonderful American History squares are hand appliqued.....

Revolutionary War soldiers

Washington Crossing the Delaware

Washington chopping the cherry tree (Rita says, even if it didn't happen...it's part of our American folklore, and represents Washington's honesty and integrity)

Washington commissioning Betsy Ross to make the flag (another probably "never happened" event)

Independence Hall, Philadelphia

Paul Revere's ride

The Custom's House, site of secret meetings

[sorry about the hand!]  Anyway, this represents our nation.

The Liberty Bell

I've forgotten what this house was

Hamilton's Log House

First Washington Memorial (I think this is at his gravesite)

Even though this block was not made up for showing, this is a picture of the kit to make it.  I had to include it, because it is a favorite.  Monticello, Jefferson's home.

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Amazing Rita Verroca!

The Tucson Quilt Guild is a wonderful organization!  The quilters are so talented, but not "snooty" about it like a guild I once belonged to in Texas.  The members recognize that we all represent different stages of expertise (or lack thereof).  We do a lot of quilting for charities, and our quilt show is amazing.  There are always incredible speakers at the meetings.  This past Wednesday we had the pleasure of seeing a presentation by Rita Verroca.  She is a German lady who moved here thirty years ago and discovered quilting.  It is a uniquely American art form, and she encourages those who quilt to follow the traditions of hand piecing, quilting and appliqueing, if possible.  All her quilts are done in this way, and they are incredible!  And she seemed like the most personable, fascinating lady!  Wow...what a meeting!  Here is a LINK to her website. 

Lady of the Lake, one of her Houston show winners!

Rita Verroca...an inspiration to us all!
This next quilt was called My Fairy Trail.  Rita told that she and her husband were watching the movie The Tall Man with Clark Gable and Jane Russell and she said Jane Russell carried a coverlet with her through most of the movie, and she fell in love with it.  It became the inspiration for this gorgeous quilt...

One of her more traditional Baltimore Album quilts.  I plan to do a second post on some individual Baltimore Album squares she has that are part of an American History quilt!