Thursday, February 27, 2014

Sierra Vista Show

Here are some of the highlights of the wonderful quilt show in Sierra Vista last Saturday.  There were quite a number of really awesome quilts on display....

This one was done with machine embroidery in such a way that when you looked at it with 3-D glasses, it actually appeared 3-D!

Oops, Candy's out of focus!  She and my daughter Yvonne looking over the quilts at the show.

One of the older quilts on display.  A traditional design.

I wasn't crazy about the chrome yellow background on this vintage quilt. The color was sharp though ...a well-cared for heirloom for sure!

Baltimore Album.

This was Yvonne's favorite of all in the show.  She is getting the info off the card so she could vote for it as her Viewer's Choice favorite.

Closeup of the wonderful embroidery on the previous quilt.

Another chrome yellow background to a vintage treasure.  This is one of my favorite motifs!

There was an entire section of vendors and I happened to sit down in a chair next to this wall-hanging while I was waiting for Candy & Yvonne to look around.  The lady there said her husband had done all the cross-stitch blocks on it (it has another row, this shows most of the squares), and it had taken him 12 years!  It was amazing!

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Tombstone Quilt Show

Yesterday Yvonne and I had a wonderful, full day--we met good friend Candy of Lazy J Bar C Farm and drove to Tombstone to the quilt show.  Afterwards, we went to Sierra Vista to their show, and had a lovely lunch before driving back to Candy & Jerry's place to visit a bit.  Then on home.  I will post the Sierra Vista show separately.  Here are some highlights from the Tombstone show...
We arrived just in time for the "bed turning"...I really liked that they used vintage treasures for the quilts to display!  I'd never seen a bed turning before and it was wonderful hearing the stories behind each quilt as it was turned.

Such beautiful, fascinating quilts from our grandmother's cedar chests!

This quilt had this interesting design, a LeMoyne Star surrounded by a circle of two rows of tiny triangles.  No one was sure what the name of the pattern was...does anyone out there know?

Close-up shows the tiny triangles.

This quilt was made by a 93 year old woman who is still quilting!  It will be next year's raffle quilt!  I HAVE to buy six dozen tickets!!! :-)

One of the many lovely quilts hanging in the show.

My daughter has decided that double wedding ring is one of her favorites!

The lovely embroidery made this quilt extra special!

I adore the yellow floral pattern in this one!

Always love log cabins...and always love yellow and blue!

The first place winner was a wonderful landscape quilt showing desert cactus and hummingbird and lizard, with ruched flowers.  Too pretty!