Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Another Quilt Show

Took a break from packing to spend a morning with a dear friend at a quilt show.  We had a lovely time, then ate at Applebees after!

This gorgeous wall hanging wasn't displayed in the best way, just draped over the partition, but I absolutely loved it.  There were shiny quilting threads in places.

Here is a closeup, showing the gorgeous quilting!

I love chickens so this one was one of my favorites!

Paulette examining a beautiful little girl's quilt.
This kit was sold out...I can see why!  beautiful!

We loved this sweet "garden" quilt, which was appliques, embroidered and colored (perhaps with pencils or crayons).  Amid the garden plants were Bible verses.  It was just charming!

A closeup showing one of the Bible verses.

We were blown away by this one, also a kit.  Just gorgeous!

The same company made this kit as well.  Just stunning!

Loved this!  So festive for Autumn and Thanksgiving!

This is a stunning raffle quilt!  Going to be given away at the Sierra Vista show in March.  I had to buy six tickets for $5.  Would LOVE to win it!

Paulette and I stand in front of a quilt and have someone take our picture.  Going to miss my good buddy! :-(