Thursday, May 25, 2017

Goldie Richmond Exhibit

While we were visiting in Tucson recently we went to the Arizona History Museum with our friend Paulette.  I was happy to share the Goldie Richmond Quilt exhibit with her!  Goldie was the owner of a Trading Post in Sells, AZ near the Tohono O'Odham Reservation back in the 20s to 40s.  She hand-appliqued and quilted quilts while she waited for customers.  Most of her work represents life on the Reservation at that time, and are wonderful charming works.  She also appliqued floral designs.  Only about ten of her quilts have survived.

I love how she used fabric with pottery on it for the stripping!

One of my favorites...the rider being bucked off his horse!

Goldie was six feet tall and quite a fascinating person...she had to save her husband from a bobcat once and killed the very large bobcat with her bare hands!

I would love to make a Goldie Richmond homage quilt at some time...with my own scenes inspired by hers, of Indian life.  There are actually patterns of homage quilts for sale at Cactus Quilt Shop in Tucson, HERE, but I would like to do my own thing.  I have no idea WHEN I will get this one made, though!  So many quilts, so little time!