Sunday, November 22, 2015

Quilt Documentation

Yesterday was the Quilt Documentation.  They do it twice a year, and I've missed the last two.  For my first documentation post click HERE.  The quilts are examined, described, their stories documented, and they are put on a national database.  A label is also attached to the quilt itself with it's computer database number, and the date it was documented.  It's wonderful to have a historical record!  They do it all over the country if you are interested in participating:

 This beautiful Double Wedding Ring quilt was made by one of my great-aunts (a sister to my great grandmother).  It had been purchased by my Mom to help defray medical expenses on another great-aunt who was very ill, and was given last year to my daughter who loved the quilt and asked her grandmother for it.

 It was photographed and examined and all the information will be placed in a national database.  The quilt was made approximately 1976-1979 (possibly a little earlier or later than that bracket of time) and cotton as well as synthetic fabrics were used, scraps I am sure owned by the maker from clothing items.  It is rose, brown & light blue with little touches of other colors on an off-white field.  The quilt was completely hand-pieced and hand-quilted.  It is treasured.

While there, a lady didn't have her camera with her to take pictures of her quilt so I offered to photograph it for her and send her the shots in an email.  She was very happy about my offer!  You aren't allowed generally to photograph the other quilts, unless you have permission like I did.  I saw many gorgeous quilts in the two hours I was there!

Theirs was also a family heirloom.
Also, here is my latest finish (just have to do the binding).  It's a wall hanging Christmas gift to my sis-in-law who loves baby ducks.  I posted this on my regular blog as well.  It's pieced and appliqued, with embroidery and fabric paint embellishments:

And a few of the "show and tell" items from the last Quilt Guild:

A beautiful top made by my friend Paulette...the picture can't do it justice.  It's really gorgeous!

This little girl made this quilt under the tutelage of her grandmother.  It will be entered into our Junior Division at the Quilt Show.  She was VERY cute showing it to all of us!