Wednesday, November 7, 2012

New Projects

I have been very SLOWLY cutting out all the pieces for a pineapple quilt since I finished my last project.  I have been wanting to make a pineapple quilt for as long as I can remember, and Mom bought me the ruler I would need, ages ago, so I jumped in!
This is my guideline...a gorgeous pineapple design in various reds and greens, and a little blue.

I decided instead to make mine in pinks, purples and greens with a little beige and rosy beige. As I cut each size out in each color scheme, I am placing them in ziplock bags so I can "keep it all straight."

Here are the pinks that I haven't cut yet.  My inspiration fabric for the quilt is the rose print.

And this is the other thing I am working on!  Mom and I got matching panels to be embroidered, but after she worked on hers a while, she decided to give it to me to finish.  I am planning on using it as the center panel for a red, yellow and blue quilt!  The embroidery work is so relaxing while I watch TV or am with my grandson while he plays video games.

This is a bigger view of the whole panel.  It has an oval wreath of various flowers. Most of the work you see here was done by Mom.  I haven't been working long on the panel myself.