Monday, February 27, 2012

The Embroidered Squares

In keeping with the central square that has appliqued grapes and embroidered berries on it, I decided to add some applique and embroidery on a few of the squares that will soon be stripped together to make this top.  Here is what I did.  I'm very pleased with the results:
 I think it adds a lot to what would have been a very plain bowtie square!

 I decided to make it look like the grapes and berries were being seen through the window on this Cathedral Window square.

 Just a few blackberries on this one.

This photo got flipped sideways, and isn't in focus, but this is the fourth square onto which I added the embellishments.

And for reference here is that center square again...

Now, to strip this and make it a complete top!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Some Changes Made

OK, I knew the center square needed "something" so I set to work on it, adding more the the appliqued grapes and embroidering a stem.  Then I wanted to embroider a berries motif on it as well, and couldn't find a pattern to use.  So, I did freehand drawings of the berries with a non-permanent marking pencil and set to work embroidering them as well, which I enjoyed doing very much.  Now, it's finished!  But, I plan to add some of the same touches to some of the quilt squares to tie it all together.

 Compare the center square as it looks now to this photo of it before I made the changes...
AND....I am very happy to announce that I received another mug coaster from Mary at Faith Fabric & Photos!  I simply added a caption to two different photos she posted, and won these great prizes!  The newest one is the aqua cup and saucer design.  Thanks SO MUCH Mary!  To visit her blog go here:

Sunday, February 5, 2012

A few More Shots of the Quilt Show

Here is a great view of the Tucson Convention Center room that was used, from the hallway above...

 These are a few of the vintage "estate sale" finds people had on display.  Beautiful! I should be so lucky to find something like this!  They'd all been bought very inexpensively too!

A view of the floor...
 Then, when I was through enjoying the Tucson Quilt Show (for more pictures of quilts, scroll down to my two posts of that day!), I walked over to an adjoining room to the American Indian Art Show.  They had some wonderful jewelry, baskets, rugs and sand paintings as well as many other items and was a wonderful treat!

But before I went in, I had lunch...ooh, there's frybread and Navajo Tacos!!!!
 Here are the ladies making the frybread....

And here is my delicious Navajo taco!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Baby Quilt Request

Please visit KaHolly's blog to see what I am writing about.  She is requesting quilters to donate a blanket for these precious newborns at the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at Brooke Army Medical Center (BMAC) located in San Antonio, Texas. 

There has been a special request made by KaHolly to help out these newborn babies of our service members with blankets and quilts.  To find out more, please connect to the following link: