Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Sawtooth Stars

I have never made a quilt with sawtooth stars, but my daughter chose a pattern using them when she was here in January, and I decided it was time to make her a quilt! 

She likes 40's ande 50's designs (notice the Route 66 green fabric!) and I chose some of the fabrics from my stash plus a couple I sequestered from Mom's stash as well.  More pieces will have to be purchased to finish this.  There will be 70 of the six and a half inch blocks that make up this quilt, and then she wants an Autumn leaf border.

Here is the beginning...8 stars done, and 62 more to go! :-)  I am going for greens and browns with cream and small touches of red.  These are colors she really likes, also.  I'll post more when I'm closer to getting this done.  I have a small break coming up....a trip across country!  Check out my main blog, A Colorful World to learn more.