Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Second Queen-sized Finish

I posted this quilt top two and a half years ago....see that post HERE.  (You can see however that I added additional bordering to it after that).  This quilt has been a long time in the making!  I made the first squares (about 9 of them) when we lived in Texas.  Then later, when we were in North Carolina, and I attended Quilt Bee with Mom in Suffolk, Va every month, I made the rest of the squares. Once we moved here to Tucson, I decided I wanted a center medallion, and I added the appliqued and embroidered parts of the top...when I was done, I took the photos of the top, and then put it in the closet while I made a quilt for my daughter, and worked on some other projects.  Six months ago, I decided I needed to get the top quilted, and I FINALLY finished yesterday!

The center medallion