Saturday, July 21, 2012

It's Paid For!!!!

YAY!  I picked up my new Husvarna Viking Sapphire machine after being without a working machine for over three months!  I then took a class the next day to learn how to use it, and BOY is it wonderful!!!!  I just want to sew and SEW!
I LOVE this plexiglas sewing area extender, which was extra...but so worth it!  I had been looking for a machine with a deep "throat" so I can quilt easily.  This one is perfect!

And it does EVERYTHING!  It adjusts itself automatically to whatever you are doing, all you have to do is push the buttons!

It does all kinds of stitches, and never has to be oiled(by the owner).  It even picks up the bobbin thread automatically from the bobbin case when you start to sew!

Here's the T-shirt quilt I have laid out on the bed ready to sew together.  It's most of our daughter's childhood T's.....she was a dancer, was first chair violist in the school string orchestra,  even modeled briefly when she was very young (her aunt was a model with elite management in NY) and her Daddy was in the Air Force so you see an interesting mix here! :-)  I can't wait to get it all sewn together!  I used two-way stretch stabilizer to back the T-shirt pieces because I am backing the quilt with a piece of  pink stretchy flannel.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Arizona Centennial Quilts

A recent visit to the Arizona History Museum in Tucson gave me a chance to enjoy the wonderful Centennial Celebration quilts....(click on the photos to get a closer look!)

I really love the different aspects of Arizona represented in this one!

This is an agave learn more about agave, and see my recent post on A Colorful World of one blooming, click HERE (also do you see the rattlesnake?)

Different ranching brands...I thought this was interesting

A great Arizona includes Kitt Peak Observatory and the Butterfield Stage Lines!


This quilt uses Sunbonnet Sue in AZ scenes! 

A closeup of one of the squares in the Sunbonnet Sue quilt....

and another.

Lovely cactus quilt....

and another with a 3-D element!

closeup of above

Stunning landscape includes Casa Grande....

Indian Basket Designs

I didn't get a good angle on this's really wonderful!

Watermelon Kachina

Arizona birds

Another stunner with a 3-D element

My grandson loved this one.  I decided even though it isn't my favorite AZ subject it is a wonderful quilt!