Monday, March 23, 2015

Most Recent Projects & a Spring Bouquet

I have mentioned several times to those who know me (and even on the blogs) that I have been sewing a lot's the time to share some of my finished and unfinished projects:

I made an oversized cushion for the seat of my Arts & Crafts rocking chair that belonged to my Great Aunt.  A&C is my style, as you can see, and these are my living room colors (my couch is red).

Newborn bibs and pj's for the Children's Home

An over the chair arm organizer for a shut-in at church.

I've had plans for a pineapple quilt for absolutely ages, and all the strips were cut.  One day I just had to see how it was going to look once I started sewing it all together.  This is the first block (but I will wait and work on it again in a couple of months).  It's a breeze with the pineapple ruler Mom bought me ages ago.  Works like a dream!

I am working on a wall hanging for my husband that is about his tour in Viet Nam.  Going to add fabric photos and his patches, etc.  Should have it done by next month.

These are the first two squares of the baby quilt I am making for a dear friend's first grandbaby, a little girl (I guess you could tell! :-) )  I am embroidering Scottish fairy tales on the blocks and then fabric painting them.  Our friend (the new grandmother) is from Scotland.

Here I am doing the fabric painting on one of the blocks. You add fabric medium to acrylic paint.

And these beautiful spring flowers came from Trader Joe's.  The bodhrain is from my trip to Ireland with Mom (as is the crystal vase and little dish in the next shot).  The green vase is very Arts & Crafts!  The table runner was made by me a long time ago and needs to be replaced with one of a more Arts & Crafts design with more of my lr colors....but it works for now.  All this is sitting on a A&C library table that belonged to another Great Aunt.  I am fortunate to have some family pieces!

Two special Robert E. Lee prints also hang in the living room. 
So, when the unfinished projects find an end, I'll be posting the finishes!  Till then...hope spring has come your way!

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Sun City Quilters Show--Oro Valley AZ

Sunday was a day for a drive, and I knew just where I wanted to go!  The Sun City Quilters quilt show was going on in Oro Valley, and I wanted to see that, then drive around north of Tucson and do a little birding.  Here are some of the gorgeous quilts from the show:

This was the incredible raffle quilt...sadly I didn't win! :(

There was some incredible needlework/crochet/embroidery on display....

......and some wonderful antique quilts.

Monday, March 2, 2015

Tomstone Quilt Show

I drove down to Tombstone to attend the show there.  It's small, but really is a nice show.  My daughter and I really enjoyed it last year (we went on to the Sierra Vista show, a very large one, after) but this time I was on my own and recovering from a bad cold so didn't want to go on to Sierra Vista.  I met my good friend Candy who lives near there, and we enjoyed the quilts and then had a nice lunch!

Stunning pieced of my favorites of the show!

Hand quilted with red thread.  Beautiful!

Boots are not my favorite motif but this quilt is beautiful made! It's the raffle quilt for next year.

Day of the Dead

Lovely pre-printed bird panels

This is my friend Candy's wonderful blue & yellow chicken lap quilt!  Love it!

A War Between the States quilt that is very nicely done with photos mixed in.

Perfectly pieced and beautiful colors!

Another one of my favorites!

I liked the navy & biegey-gold combination.

Candy standing next to a prize-winner...a gorgeous appliqued quilt!

The mini quilts

Close up of the bottom one...a pineapple

Beautifully pieced and wonderful colors!

Lovely embroidered birds

Really nice Southwestern quilt!

Look at this stained glass!

The ladies working the show agreed to pose for a photo.  They all made their period costumes!