Sunday, November 13, 2011

Kay's Wonderful Quilts!

As you may know, we went to visit our dear friend Kay Huston this weekend. I have lots to share on A Colorful World when I can post tomorrow. But, tonight I wanted to post these amazing quilts made by Kay many years ago. She never had a lesson, but was taught the "basics" of quilting by her husband, Jack's, aunt. For several years Kay worked feverishly on these creations, perfecting her technique totally on her own. She not only hand-pieced each of these, she also handquilted them and many more that are carefully folded on the shelf of a Victorian dresser. She doesn't own or know how to use a sewing machine! I have always been SO IMPRESSED by the quality of her wonderful work, and at her determination to do a good job. One day she just decided she was done, and moved onto other things, such as beading and sketching. But these quilts are a testament to her hard work and artistic abilities!

This last shows both the back and part of the front of a quilt she used an actual flag in as part of the backing.  She won quite a number of blue ribbons at county fairs during the time she was quilting! I wish I had taken more pictures...she had over two dozen quilts folded on the dresser!  Maybe next time...


  1. They are beautiful! I can't imagine tiring of quilting...but i grew up with it.

  2. What wonderful quilts....and all by hand! Amazing! Hope you have fun getting back into the sewing groove. It is great having a special place just for that.

  3. wow! i'm always impressed with folks' needlecraft since i'm so pathetically untalented with fabric, yarn, needles of any kind! beautiful!!!

    so glad you had a good visit with your friend!

  4. wow...these are beautiful! Hope we get to see more of them. Now that I know you are in Tucson, be sure not to miss the Tucson Quilt show. I was there for it one year. Wonderful quilts to be seen!