Monday, February 27, 2012

The Embroidered Squares

In keeping with the central square that has appliqued grapes and embroidered berries on it, I decided to add some applique and embroidery on a few of the squares that will soon be stripped together to make this top.  Here is what I did.  I'm very pleased with the results:
 I think it adds a lot to what would have been a very plain bowtie square!

 I decided to make it look like the grapes and berries were being seen through the window on this Cathedral Window square.

 Just a few blackberries on this one.

This photo got flipped sideways, and isn't in focus, but this is the fourth square onto which I added the embellishments.

And for reference here is that center square again...

Now, to strip this and make it a complete top!


  1. Oh, this is going to look so nice once it is all together!

  2. It's gonna be a keeper for sure. Have to tell you something, marie. (I can do that, I'm her mother) hehe. That is the Attic Window pattern, not cathedral window. I know you knew that but sometimes our brains go in one direction when we need for it to go in another. Love you

  3.'re right! I just wasn't thinking!

  4. This will be wonderful when you get it done :-) Very creative!