Monday, July 16, 2012

Arizona Centennial Quilts

A recent visit to the Arizona History Museum in Tucson gave me a chance to enjoy the wonderful Centennial Celebration quilts....(click on the photos to get a closer look!)

I really love the different aspects of Arizona represented in this one!

This is an agave learn more about agave, and see my recent post on A Colorful World of one blooming, click HERE (also do you see the rattlesnake?)

Different ranching brands...I thought this was interesting

A great Arizona includes Kitt Peak Observatory and the Butterfield Stage Lines!


This quilt uses Sunbonnet Sue in AZ scenes! 

A closeup of one of the squares in the Sunbonnet Sue quilt....

and another.

Lovely cactus quilt....

and another with a 3-D element!

closeup of above

Stunning landscape includes Casa Grande....

Indian Basket Designs

I didn't get a good angle on this's really wonderful!

Watermelon Kachina

Arizona birds

Another stunner with a 3-D element

My grandson loved this one.  I decided even though it isn't my favorite AZ subject it is a wonderful quilt!


  1. They all look wonderful to me!

  2. Such gorgeous quilts!! I love the Sunbonnet Sue in Arizona. I definately do not have a favorite because they all are wonderful.

  3. This was such a fantastic exhibit. I think you saw a couple that I don't remember seeing. Maybe they were not there at the time, or maybe I missed an area of the museum! I know I did not see that last one. Don't remember the Arizona birds either! I'm sure that would have stuck out in my mind. Some were hard to get in a good position to photograph or it was too dark, but they were all just wonderful and I wanted to read more about some of them than I had time for. I thought the Sunbonnet Sue quilt was very clever :-)