Friday, September 28, 2012

Placemats for The Liver Foundation Event!

For part of the Fundraiser for the Liver Foundation people were able to bid on a dinner with a local restaurant/chef in Tucson.  Our son-in-law who is the chef at Union

 had 16 special dinners to prepare last night!  Union Public House serves American comfort foods so SIL Jack wanted the guests to not only have a meal featuring special American dishes from all regions and a goodie bag of delights (including daughter Yvonne's gingersnaps and home-made S'mores) but to eat their meal on an Americana placemat....and that's where I came in! :-)  I was given the task to make these placemats for the restaurant, which was a privilege  and delight, and a LOT of hard work for a week and a half.  But, I got them done, just under the wire! I have no idea why most of these printed sideways!

One of two I did with frayed seams.

The second with frayed seams.


  1. You did a great job on these! What a lot of work. Just binding all those edges would take forever!

  2. that was a huge undertaking but they turned out wonderfully and I know SIL was thrilled to have such nice gifts to give his diners.

  3. OH Marie!!!! These are Wonderful!!!
    You have been SOOO Busy! Great job!
    Enjoy your company as well!

  4. Marie I am so impressed with your work. They are fantastic! I expect the dinner was a great success and it would certainly have been set off beautifully by these.

  5. Hi Marie, that is a very beautiful placemat. ^_^

    1. Marie, these are just lovely! I bet they looked so pretty on the table with the food!

  6. Way to go! Apparently you work well under pressure. They are all so of these days I am going to make an American flag quilt.

  7. My sister loves Americana decor and would go bonkers over these placemats. They are wonderful.

  8. Such pretty placemats! I've used some of the same fabrics in an American Hero quilt I did. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I've enjoyed looking at yours. Hope you are still enjoying your Husqvarna.