Sunday, February 17, 2013

Getting There Slowly...and some tea towels to boot!

As I reported earlier, I am working on an embroidery panel that was started and abandoned by my Mom.  I plan to use it as a center panel in a red, yellow and blue quilt later.  It is taking me quite a while to get it done.  here's the progress I have made so far....

As you can see, my work is a little more tight than it should be!

Guess I should try to 'loosen up!" :-)
And I have started making some tea towels out of a large collection of feedsack fabrics I have accumulated over the years!  Here is the first completed one...
And here are some of the fabrics I have chosen to make more...

And as long as I am sharing some of my creations, I thought I might show you a gift I sent to a friend recently.  When my friend from Colorado was here she  really admired these tiles I have hand-glazed back when I was still doing tiles...they weren't set together on a board yet, sealed with mastik, so I did that for her and sent her the gift in the mail.  If you want to check out some of my other tile work, click on Blue Lotus Tile on my profile page.  I don't make these any more, so please don't order anything! :-)  I kind've miss it, though.


  1. THAT is a lot of embroidery! It will be beautiful when finished. I like the tea towels, too.

    I keep checking here to see if you are posting any progress on your pineapple quilt. Have you started it yet, or is it a thing you plan to do?

    We were to our daughters this Fri and Sat...before going and since getting back, I have been on pinterest, looking at art quilts/fiber art of all things. I so want to just do something for pure fun...not that what I have been doing isn't fun. Guess I want to try something different.

    I have that crumb quilt top shown at my Pics & Pieces blog finished...and made the backing for it today. It is NOT an art back...but just a flannel backing. I would like to get it pin- basted and quilting started this week if nothing happens but I would not bet on even getting it pin-basted.

    and I have a baby quilt top to get quilted. And one other thing that can wait...just too many things I want to do and not the will power to get it done. And here I sit not even blogging, but looking on pinterest.

    Oh, I like your tiles...

  2. That center panel is going to be outstanding.. Much prettier than I was attempting. Can't wait to see the quilt you do with it.

  3. I'm very impressed with the embroidery! Wow...that is really close work, lots of stitching...beautiful! This will be gorgeous when it is done. The towels are cute and I know you are having fun doing them :-) Your title work was always very pretty. I'm sure your friend really enjoyed getting this. I've been mostly working on small crazy quilt stuff, but Saturday I went to a workshop to improve my paper-piecing skills. I did a black bear from a book of birds and animals I have, and now I want to make some bear paw blocks to go with him. He isn't quite done, but will post a photo when he is!

  4. Breath taking embroidery! Hope you get it finished soon! Love the tea towels. Sure wish you would get back into making the pretty tiles!

  5. Love the embroidery! Pretty tile also!

  6. Wow Marie, that embroidery work is beautiful!!! I don't do much embroidery, but I should :)

  7. Your satin stitch embroidery is looking wonderful Marie, the stitches are so even. Maybe it will iron flat later???

  8. You do beautiful work! I love the stitching of the flowers and the vibrant colors.

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