Sunday, February 23, 2014

Tombstone Quilt Show

Yesterday Yvonne and I had a wonderful, full day--we met good friend Candy of Lazy J Bar C Farm and drove to Tombstone to the quilt show.  Afterwards, we went to Sierra Vista to their show, and had a lovely lunch before driving back to Candy & Jerry's place to visit a bit.  Then on home.  I will post the Sierra Vista show separately.  Here are some highlights from the Tombstone show...
We arrived just in time for the "bed turning"...I really liked that they used vintage treasures for the quilts to display!  I'd never seen a bed turning before and it was wonderful hearing the stories behind each quilt as it was turned.

Such beautiful, fascinating quilts from our grandmother's cedar chests!

This quilt had this interesting design, a LeMoyne Star surrounded by a circle of two rows of tiny triangles.  No one was sure what the name of the pattern was...does anyone out there know?

Close-up shows the tiny triangles.

This quilt was made by a 93 year old woman who is still quilting!  It will be next year's raffle quilt!  I HAVE to buy six dozen tickets!!! :-)

One of the many lovely quilts hanging in the show.

My daughter has decided that double wedding ring is one of her favorites!

The lovely embroidery made this quilt extra special!

I adore the yellow floral pattern in this one!

Always love log cabins...and always love yellow and blue!

The first place winner was a wonderful landscape quilt showing desert cactus and hummingbird and lizard, with ruched flowers.  Too pretty!


  1. Of course you had fun. I know you too well. And, I would have known that you'd love the blue and yellow quilt. Wish I had been there. It looked like such fun.

  2. These are beautiful! Wouldn't you know I would leave before there were some quilt shows somewhere close :-) I love that yellow flower one and the last one.

  3. Marie, the traditional ones are exquisite of course, but that last one showing the landscape of your area with the hummer and lizard is just gorgeous!

    Mary X

  4. I love the improved 9-patch...think I have heard it called something else but can't think what. I need to get up the nerve to try one.