Friday, June 27, 2014

Baby Quilt for Good Friends' First Grandchild

Some of our closest friends just became grandparents.  The baby, a boy named Walker, was born on June 3rd.  I wanted to make a baby quilt, and had a pre-printed fabric piece I decided to use.  But I also wanted to add some personal touches to the design:

I appliqued this duck on the top of the quilt, holding an embroidered blue flower.

A duck on either side, and Florida and banner saying "Its a Boy!"

Applique of the baby's name with blue embroidered flowers, and his birth date embroidered above.

This is the watercolor printed in the center of the piece.

On the back I appliqued this present with duck pulling the ribbon as a place to embroider my name, date made, and a "Welcome Baby."


  1. That's just too cute for words. Great job, Marie.

  2. I'm totally amazed by your wonderful quilts!

  3. omgoodness, that is just adorable. you are one talented lady!!!!

  4. Just wanted you to know your quilt blog has been moved to
    ( my reading list and quilting and other things I may have to say) blog I will follow only your quilt blog here.

  5. a lovely gift you would've got a lot of enjoyment from stitching. Many years back it was a craft I used to enjoy too ------

  6. I am still, almost, motivated to do a quilt! I have a duvet cover to do first.

  7. this is just darling..the applique duck made me darn cute!