Saturday, April 28, 2012

My Top is Finally Finished!

It isn't the most perfectly executed top in the world, but I felt like it turned out pretty well.  I was so ready to move on to something else! :-) It's a queen-sized quilt, machine pieced and in places embellished with hand applique and hand embroidery.
 I started some of the squares as a BOM project with my guild in Texas many years ago, and then made additional squares for it with the Quilt Bee in Va that I attended with my Mom.  The Quilt Bee blocks were put together by everyone to make a lap sized quilt, but I wanted to add my blocks to the ones from before and make a larger quilt.  A view of the "top half"....
 and the "bottom half".....
 Then I decided to add the center medallion of appliqued grapes and embroidered berries, which led to me appliqueing and embroidering additional parts of the quilt.  I think it all works well together!


  1. YOur quilt looks wonderful, congrats on a finish
    I like the embroidery that you added to it and the hand quilting mixed with machine quilting I have been known to do that as well!
    Isn't it great to finish a UFO!

  2. Didn't this come out so beautifully? I love the additional embellishment you did. That center medallion is amazing! Truly. It came out so well with great variety of skills on display. *karendianne.

  3. My kados to you, kiddo. It is so pretty. Well done, I love it. I know it's prettier in person and you have a right to breathe a sigh of 'AH, it turned out well'.

  4. Oh, this is really nice...that applique you did looks even better seen in the whole.

    Isn't it crazy how we start out making something we love, but before we get it finished, we are so ready to get it done.

    I still have not made the lining to Roger's log cabin quilt top...just been so much stuff going on. Cannot get everyone well...or well to stay.

  5. That is one fine piece of work.

  6. It turned out really beautiful! I especially love the center block. How nice that you could take blocks from different places and use them together. A lot of great work on this! Are you going to hand or machine quilt it? I have been doing a lot of little things and not getting much done on my big projects.