Thursday, June 11, 2015

Baby Quilt Finish & A Few Other Things

Our dear friends just became Grandparents for the first time.  Myra is from Scotland, so I wanted to give "Wee Fair Bairn Emma" a quilt of Scottish fairy tales.  It is finally finished!  I had everything done in time for Quilt Guild Tuesday night, except tacking down the binding, and I took it for show & tell.
I designed this quilt using fairytale illustrations from Pinterest as my inspiration.  The panels are all embroidered and then fabric painted.

The thistle in the center is applique.

This panel is the Silkie story, though I opted to go with an actual mermaid for the quilt.

This of course is a unicorn story.

The Water Horse

The wife who could not spin or weave....unfortunately in this shot the window looks askew, but it's actually the way the quilt is hanging.  It's straight, I promise. :-)

At Quilt Guild  Paulette attended with me, and here are the two quilts she quilted:

I also really liked these two from show & tell:

Four of us from church have made a quilt we will be raffling off to raise money to help out the Robinson family, whose small child has a devastating disorder called SMA (Spinal Muscular Atrophy).  We four pieced it, and Paulette attached the borders, and is now quilting it by hand....(more on this quilt when it is completely finished):


  1. Wow and double wow on Emma's little quilt. So imaginative, so clever, so so. I have no words. Great job, Marie. The other quilts are very nice, too. Good luck on the raffle.

  2. Wow, what have you done a very very beautiful craft-art-work!

  3. OH!!!! The Thistle Quilt is Fabulous!!! What a Blessing you are.
    Thank you for taking time to share all of this.

  4. Absolutely amazing quilting, Marie! And that header quilt knocks my socks off!

  5. Hi Marie, WOW what a gorgeous quilt and design for Emma. You are such a talented designer and your work is incredible. You know how much I love the hand painting too. Love the other quilts you shared too and the one for the child that your church friends and you created. What a blessing to do something so giving for another.
    Thank you for sharing.
    Have a nice weekend.

  6. Beautiful quilts. Everyone who receives one will be blessed I'm sure.


  7. So beautiful Marie. Such amazing artwork xx

  8. Wow Rosie. Did you draw those pictures on the Scottish Fairy Tale Quilt? It is amazing. What a precious gift for your friends. They will surely treasure it. Ache Eye (spelling?) LOL Your other quilts are lovely also. I tried quilting once. I liked the actual quilting part but I did not enjoy piecing it have to be so precise. You are a talented lassie...happy quilting. Beckie

  9. I so envy talent like this! Such beautiful work. I love the fairy tale illustrations - so charming!
    I love the other quilts too - especially the one with photos in it. ;)

  10. You made such a fun quilt! Emma's parents must LOVE it! The other quilts are quite lovely too.

  11. That quilt is precious! What a memorable and lovely heirloom you created for this child. God bless baby and all!

  12. Marie what a precious quilt! You did wonderful and lovely work. I just got word from my niece that she is having a baby in October.........I am having a great niece! She has asked me to make a quilt for the baby! I am thrilled

  13. Oh my! I love quilts and have recently been thinking of quilting a new one. It's been 12 years since I made my last one and that was for Ava, my youngest. I love yours! Turned out beautiful!

  14. God gave you such an amazing gift! this quilt is beautiful! Of course, the girls spinning is my fav block of the quilt....have a great week! phyllis

  15. Our dear Marie. You've outdone yourself with the lovely quilt you crafted especially for our granddaughter Emma. We can't express our appreciation enough. We are confident wee Emma will cherish this gift of love for many years. Thank you dear friend for the family heirloo . Dave and Myra

    1. Dave, I was so delighted and surprised to see your comment this morning on Emma's quilt! Love you and Myra so much! I am so excited for you both about the baby! It was my pleasure making the quilt! It was a joy! Hope all is going well for your family, near and far. :-) Do you have a blog as well?

  16. It's gorgeous Marie!! Well done! I like the quilt you girls have made for the raffle for the Robinson's too! It sure was nice talking to you the other day! :)

  17. Wonderfull handwork,greeting from Belgium

  18. Oh, my, love that first. Can I ask what kind of paint you used to paint it...and is it washable. It almost looks like it has been washed, but then not so sure. And what did you do to set the paint? questions, questions.

    I just finished a baby quilt the other is on Pics & Pieces..about 4 or 5 posts back.