Monday, October 19, 2015


Of the "One Block" kind and otherwise....the guest speaker for the Tucson Quilt Guild was Maxine Rosenthal who wrote the book One Block Wonders.  She is such a hoot!  My goodness we enjoyed her talk!  Paulette and I attended both the night and morning meetings because we were still selling raffle tickets.  See info about that HERE.  So we got to hear her twice and see her quilts twice, but we were also happy to get to see two different groups of show and tell quilts from the members.  Let me start with a few of those:

A top hand quilted by Paulette for Quilting for Others

A new member's very first quilt top!!!!

Now for one of Maxine's quilts....
That's Maxine in front explaining her method of using octagons and hexagons repeating to make her overall design.
 She had a lot of others in various color combinations and designs.  For images of her wonderful quilts, go HERE.
Enjoyed being at both meetings but starting next month we are only going to be attending the morning meetings.  Going at night became too difficult!  It's mainly for people who work, anyway, and none of us do.  There are huge groups at both meetings but I love it!

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  1. Such beautiful quilts and to think you got to see lots of them because of the two meetings that day. I wish I was in to quilting but time takes care of a lot of things. I do get to enjoy them, though.