Tuesday, December 1, 2015

We Have a Winner!!!!

Many of you may remember that we were doing a raffle of a quilt made by myself and three others in our church sewing circle, to help out with expenses for Wade Robinson's family.  Wade has SMA (Spinal Muscular Atrophe).  The drawing was supposed to occur on November 11th, but we wanted Wade's Mommy, Nici, to draw the winning ticket, and Wade was in the hospital all that month.  He finally got out two days before Thanksgiving (a blessing!!) and was able to go home.  Today we went by the Robinson house and Nici drew the winning ticket.

The winner was Paula Padilla who bought a ticket that was being sold by Nici's Dad at the Thornydale Post Office where he works, and where Paula also works.

Me on the left, Nici and Paulette George (our other seamstress on this project, GayNell Gagner was unable to join us for this)

Helen Spicer, Nici and Paulette

Paulette called the holder of the winning ticket and the winner, Paula, squealed with delight at the news! :-) We learned she was working at the Post Office.....

So off we went to the Post Office to deliver the quilt to its new owner!

Paula Padilla and her new quilt.

Nici's Dad came out and joined us...he had sold Paula the winning ticket.

What a wonderful blessing this was for all of us!  We were thrilled for the winner, and happy to turn over right at $600. in ticket sales to Nici and Ryan Robinson to help out.  I was walking on air this morning!  Praise to God for this opportunity to be part of this!


  1. Gave me goose bumps all over again! What a blessing!

  2. What a blessed experience that was and I know that Paula will cherish that quilt forever.

  3. Oh Marie...what a 'feel good' post this is!!! Not only a beautiful quilt [I can see so much time and hard long hours of work here]....And to raise the money you did....extraordinary!!!!!

    The Thornydale Post Office...I walked up there many-a-times from home on Magee Rd. Now, you have me thinking of Basha's and their crusty bread. Yum.

  4. Oh, wow...you girls done good! That is a lot of money! Glad it was a success.