Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Quilt Gifts!

Guess what I got for Christmas and my birthday (which is right after Christmas)--this awesome Debbie Mum bag came from my Mom, with fat quarters inside, and a giftcard to JoAnn's which was immediately used to buy the great fabrics leaning to the side of the lamp. And that brings me to the lamp--a wonderful magnifying glass lamp for close work for these failing eyes! I'm in good shape now!

Here are the fabrics I chose with my gift card, which incidently had more money left on it and I will share the second trip purchases I made on a later post! These are three light blues, three light beige, three darker blues and three browns to make my Dad a Lone Star lapthrow. I want to make it for his birthday in February. When he was a little boy he helped his mother make a full-sized Lone Star quilt, which was used and much-loved and finally fell apart. I am making the lapthrow in honor of his awesome achievement. He will be 80 on this birthday!!!!

This is where I have to do my cutting and measuring and dreaming at home, and though I have a sewing machine there that I can use....

You usually can find me at Mom's working away! (I mean, she has this great quilt room with design board and all that....do you blame me!? :-)

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  1. Isn't is wonderful when people give you gift cards for fabric? I know you will make lovely things.