Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Roped, Hog-Tied and Branded by a Texas Lone Star!

I know that many of you have made beautiful Lone Star quilts, and you will likely laugh me to scorn over this. My plan was to make a lap throw for my Dad's 80th birthday. He made a Lone Star as a child with his mother. They probably did foundation piecing, and I know it was beautiful. My lap throw was to be an homage to his childhood achievement. But....don't EVER try to make something without detailed specific instructions! You may end up like I did, tied up in confusion and branded with frustration! It just isn't worth it. Here is my auspicious beginning.....

I started with a search online for directions. This yielded me a lot of vague references to what you do OR order forms for books or dvds on the subject. Nothing of any real HELP. OK, so how hard can it be!? I had my strips all cut out, and then sewed them meticulously together, ironing the seams open as suggested on one website.

I cut the strips on a 45 degree angle....

Carefully measuring so my diamonds would be the same size (might I add it didn't help that I was working with such narrow strips ie small diamonds!)

At first I didn't realize that I needed an equal amount of strips so what I had sewn together was definitely too long.

A paper pattern helped me envision the right size.

And viola! a perfectly shaped diamond star point! Only.....on careful inspection I suddenly realized that the colors are not placed correctly. They don't go ACROSS the width of the point! WHY???!!!!

This is what it is SUPPOSED to look like! Well, maybe if I remove the ones off either side. Only then I realize you can only remove the strips from ONE side and get a nice straight edge. The other side becomes jagged. Nope....this can't be anything like what I was supposed to do!

I GIVE UP! It bested me. Oh, well, I guess a good set of instructions would have been a HUGE help! I'm turning my strips into something else!!!!


  1. You're so cute! I love the amazing effort and the way you took the time to share it!

  2. Sometimes quilting can be so frustrating. I know you will come up something lovely for those strips.

  3. Oh, dear...you picked a hard one! You can still sew the strips together and make something beautiful....just not what you were hoping for! I've never tried a lone star.

  4. Sometime I just can't see it and I give up.
    You know what they say try and try again.LOL

  5. Hi Marie, I am always amazed at the amount of time and effort both your Mom and you put into quilting!It seems a shame not to use all of that work as a piece, could it be a large cushion, pillow or foot rest rather than a throw? I would have just cut it into a square to even off all of the edges but I suppose that is not quilting?!

  6. Thanks all of you SO much! Hope you have come back to see how it all turned out!