Thursday, November 13, 2014

Tucson Quilt Guild Meeting for November

Had a great meeting last Tuesday night!  Very soon I will be posting my most recent sewing creations so keep an eye open for that some time in the next three weeks!

Here is the Raffle Quilt that was on display.  It will be given away at the January Quilt Show. It was announced also that we had several winners at the Houston Quilt show from our guild!  Congratulations to our Guild members for their wins!

Renae Allen was our guest speaker about free-motion quilting.  Her presentation was very interesting. After she showed a slide presentation along with her talk, she shared some of her quilts.

This is Renae standing to the side on the right talking about the quilt.

Here she is speaking about this quilt.

This is a quilt pattern that I bought that I really like. Not Renae's...this pattern sale goes to Quilts for a Cause, which supports Cancer help in our local area.  Next month is the Christmas party!


  1. Those are some beautiful quilts! I admire the handiwork, patience, and labor of love that must have gone into them!

  2. What fun ,I used to love going to the quilt meetings when we lived in the village.

  3. great hobby,beautiful designs!

  4. so many beautiful quilts. Somehow I wish I could create things like that :)

  5. That raffle quilt is just stunning!

    Your speaker's quilts are as well...I enjoyed seeing them all. : )

  6. How lucky for the winners to get that raffle quilt! Just beautiful!

  7. i just noticed your other blogs - i really enjoy the pink plain one. but for me it is not that plain. just more simple. too cool!! i am always amazed by folks who do this kind of work. my great aunt would do a lot hand work. she tried to teach me ...but i was not that patient to learn. now i regret that. i should have listened and worked it out to at least try to learn. oh, the things we wish we had done. shouldya, couldya, wouldya. ( :