Wednesday, December 10, 2014

What I've been working on...

Christmas presents and blankets for two charities....

My offering for a Secret Santa gift at the Ladies church Christmas party...our theme was snowmen.

I based the table square I made off this line drawing I found on Pinterest.

This is an embroidered tea towel with crochet trim that I made for our daughter for Christmas.  Her kitchen is turquoise and red.

Fleece and flannel baby blankets for the Tohono O'Odham Children's Home.

One of the fleece  blankets (lined with the plaid shirt flannel on the back) made for the Homeless Veterans. My church donated tons of clothes, shoes, jackets, etc and also other blankets, some made and some bought.
The baby blanket I crocheted for the Children's Home (my church also donated clothing, diapers, etc)

The quilt square for the Christmas party at the Tucson Quilter's Guild last isn't lying flat, sorry...we did a secret exchange, and I came home with a cute one with an owl on it!  The squares were also voted on, but mine didn't come in in the top four, unfortunately.
Here are a couple of photos from last night's party too...we had AMAZING food!  It was a potluck and I ate till I was miserable!!!!

These are all the exchange squares, up on the wall so we could vote on them.  Number 18 came in with first place. Number 1 came in second place, and I can't remember 3rd & 4th places.  Number 15 is the one I came home with.
While I'm at it, here are a couple of pictures from our church Ladies Christmas party:

You can see our snowman theme...the table square I made that is in the first photo of this series was for our secret gift exchange.

These wonderful crocheted snowmen were on each table, and happened to be the gift I won in the exchange!  Note the cute snowman toilet paper too...we all got one.


  1. Your handiwork is beautiful, Marie! I especially like the embroidery on the tea towel!

  2. What a funny lovely snowman... and all your other nice handcrafts -
    (I've still not finished knitting my sweater, hood (last piece) I'm doing now. Finally ...)

  3. I see you have been very busy ,Love them all.

  4. I love the little snowman secret santa gift. He's adorable. Glad to see, too, all the wonderful things you made for the reservation and the Vets. I know you got much enjoyment and fulfillment out of that.

  5. Marie, what beautiful stitching your busy fingers have done! Your work is so pretty!! I love the snowman with the sweet! Wishing you a happy New Year!

  6. Hi Marie - oh, you are such a beautiful and talented gal - I just love everything that you have created and what a loving heart you have! I love your crocheted baby blanket and the beautiful embroidered towel that you made for your daughter! Of course I love fun to get together with the ladies and have a quilt piece exchange - a talented group there! Aren't those toilet paper snow men just adorable? I need to put this on my blog roll so I don't miss a post. Hope you are enjoying the new year - I saw that you had a little snow fall recently! Hope you had some fun! Hugs xo Karen

  7. Those blocks are all so cute and I LOVE the one you made.

  8. oohhh I LOVE what you are doing, all the way around!!! snowmen is a good theme, there is so much you can do with that, your choice is beautiful!!!!