Monday, November 16, 2009

A baby quilt completed last summer for my niece's baby!

For you quilters out there--this is the THIRD quilt I ever finished. (I have about six more in various stages of done-ness! :-))It is only the second one I ever machine quilted (my first attempt at machine quilting was pathetic!) and I was really proud of the machine quilting on this! My first hand-quilted and complete quilt was made for our grandson and can be seen by clicking here. I am a VERY SLOW hand-quilter, so I will be machine quilting most of the quilts I make from now on, but I am really proud of the hand-quilting I did on our grandson's quilt. So, now I have two--one hand-quilted, and one machine quilted--of which I am VERY proud!


  1. Wow, Marie, I am impressed with your machine quilting. Did you use a special foot? I don't see any puckers. I can't seem to machine quilt anything without puckers. I have pretty much given up on it.

    I think you will be one of those who just have the knack for it!

  2. Finally located your blog, Marie. Thanks for posting the link on facebook. You did a fantastic job on the quilting. I am so proud of you and the colors on that quilt will make any baby happy.

  3. I cannot even count the projects I have started...that is just part of being a quilter in my opinion.

    I did finally invest in a Juki and I really like machine quilting much better with it. I do not have it on a frame, and don't even want it on one. I just wanted a bigger harp area. It has helped tremendously.

  4. Hi Marie,
    Wow, your machine quilting is beautiful. I tried once, and ended up with so many puckers, that I gave up.
    The fabric and colors are so pretty!

    I love your header, and especially the vase full of buttons. I have an old metal box full of old and new buttons, and no one can see the pretty buttons. I'm going to be a copy cat and find me a clear vase for my buttons. Thanks....

  5. Thanks so much you all for your comments!

  6. Your machine quilting looks great! I'm still in the pathetic stage and I even just took a class with a well known teacher...sigh. I have a lot of trouble getting my thread tension right.