Thursday, November 19, 2009

Quilt Bee Today!

No, I'm not singing opera, but it sure looks like it! :-) I was the one person who was brave enough to raise my hand and say I would share something about Log Cabin quilts! Not because I KNOW anything! No, just because I like them (especially the really unusual ones) and didn't mind sharing whatever I could come up with!

Mom and I had seen Mary Ellen Hopkins on Simply Quilts and she had some awesome ideas about thinking "outside the box," and I thought maybe I could share some of that. Well, I had in mind I would make enough squares that I could demonstrate them in a dozen different configurations, but hey I did good to have as much made as I did. Last week was our regular day, and we were "nor'eastered" out so the Bee Friends met a whole week late, and I still didn't make anywhere near what I had hoped to! Still, they all seemed to understand, and well, it was fun to share.

Thankfully our fearless leader Pat had some great books and other resources to share, and some great information she worked on as well, plus we had lots of show-and-tell items so the day was a huge success!

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  1. You look like you know exactly what you are talking about :-) I've been thinking about starting some log cabin based quilts. I have several ideas in mind, if I'd just get started.