Monday, November 2, 2009

Quilting Joys!

This is me working on my first full-sized quilt project, made from feedsack fabric that had belonged to my grandmother. The quilting frame was a gift from my Mom. She and I share a love for quilting. I alas, with so much moving around, have been unable to finish quilting the piece (it's King sized) because of the need to use the frame. I prefer using a frame because I use a pull-through method instead of the more common rocking motion, and I couldn't handle the large quilt in my lap. When it is DONE I will post a picture of the finished project!

I have made many smaller projects over the years--placemats, table runners, etc. and always enjoy the process! When we lived in Texas I belonged to a Quilt Guild and made my "block of the month" each time...usually I made three of the same block in different fabrics. Here are two I made of one square:

We also did Community projects, and it was there that I made this quilt for the Child Advocacy program. I thoroughly enjoyed the challenge of the piecing process! I am such a slow hand quilter, I had to machine quilt this even though I'd never machine quilted anything before. It made me happy that this quilt went to such a worthy cause.

Since I moved, I now attend a Quilt Bee that I really enjoy and we do the same thing. Here are a group of the ladies (and me--note I now have silver hair!) My Mom and I usually meet there, as it is about thirty minutes from her location, and forty from mine, and after the Bee we have lunch. It's been wonderful to get to share in this special time with her! And the ladies at the Bee are such fun. It's always a really enjoyable day!

The cycle continues with my daughter, shown here with her very first piecing effort--the start of a beautiful quilt square! We believe she is probably the fifth or sixth generation of quilters in our family! It's exciting!


  1. And the quilting marching on..... through time..... through joy..... through the years and generations

  2. Hi Marie, good luck with the quilting is a handcraft handed down through the generations in your family and what a lovely way to record all of those lovely pieces

  3. Thank you both! I'm looking forward to sharing lots here in the future!