Monday, January 26, 2015

2015 Tucson Quilt Show

Worked my hour & a half of required time Friday along with friend from church, and fellow Guild member, Paulette, then we were free to enjoy the show.  Awesome presentations!  Hope you enjoy these quilts!

These are two of the entries from people who have only been quilting less than three years!

Closeup of the ballerina

A Vintage Quilt

The delicate floral print used for sashing just makes this gorgeous quilt!

Each small square is a delicately embroidered view of a hiking area along the Santa Cruz River in AZ...hard to do this justice with a photo!

Amazing cross-stitch quilt!

Closeup of the cross-stitch border

I may have to do a version of this!

Paulette standing next to a 3-D wall quilt

These colors!  Wow!

Stunning embroidery/applique Sunbonnet Sue!

Another sweet Sunbonnet Sue in redwork

Love this!

Gorgeous pieced & applique!

Fabulous applique!


  1. Oh, my goodness, Marie. this is just what I needed on this cold winter morn. LOVED seeing all the beautiful quilts. I really loved #15--it is just so different. But then I really liked almost all of them. and it all looks like such excellent work.

  2. I loved them all but you know me, I love applique. So those were my favs. That ballerina was something else, wasn't it!!!! Although an old pattern I liked that Dresden plate with the blue centers. They all were very nice.

  3. Such beautiful quilts, Marie! It must have been so wonderful to see in person! I really love the applique quilts and the sunbonnet sue quilts. My favorite era is the 30's. Thanks for sharing these - hope you had fun! xo Karen

  4. Oh wow, what a beauty and colorfulness!
    They all are amazing, but my favorite is the ballerina.

  5. Hi Marie, I think Patsy said it all.....Wow! What beautiful work. That ballerina was stunning, but all were so pretty. My sister used to quilt, and she loved Holly Hobby, too. She would have loved that quilt, I'm sure.

  6. Beautiful & breathtaking work , they are all so stunning cannot pick a fav! Phyllis

  7. Such beautiful and amazing work! I would not be able to judge and pick a winner!

  8. Oh How i Enjoy Quilts . . these are spectacular! I keep looking and looking . . suddenly i am grateful I am NOT a judge - because I'd never be able to pick a favorite . . . these are AMAZING!

  9. Awesome !! What is it nice to see Marie! Lots of photos of me but had many more may be in your post. What a job will have been! The works are made really gorgeous!

    Sincerely, Helma